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Dhiraagu, first telecommunication service provide in the Maldives, wanted to celebrate 20 years of service, and proposed mooinc, to develop a communication campaign which would enable them to reestablish an emotional connection with their existing & potential customer base. We took the challenge as an opportunity to explore one of the most prominent and well-established brands in the Maldives, and see how we can provide a solution for them as well as their customer base.

We were given 4 days to propose a concept for the campaign to their executive team. Although there wasn’t much time, we knew we would need to research the existing perception of the brand and explore essential salient beliefs that their existing customer base, had of the brand. We also explored the image and brand personality created by their communications through its 20 year history. We established, that Dhiraagu was in a very crucial stage of its brand life cycle, likening it to a mid-life crisis, whereby it was trying to re explore its brand identity, within a more competitive landscape with the entrance of new competition, hence in danger/ or already, confusing its customer base.

We were able to propose a solution which would enable Dhiraagu to acknowledge its history, and experience, to take it forward as a mature company, more certain of its age, less threatened by new entrants, but more confident of its existing core skills, services and other competences. We were also able to propose a way for Dhiraagu to utilize their customer base to become advocators of their brand, by involving them in the actual communication efforts.

One of the main ideas we recommended was to celebrate its 20th Anniversary by saying a simple “Thank you” to its customer base. We proposed they cover up all their existing billboards temporarily, with a banner saying “Thank you”, and give their customer and public a breather or moment of peace from the continual bombardment of advertising messages (at that time, Dhiraagu owned majority of the outdoor advertisement). As you might have guessed, the proposed idea was rejected, and the project was awarded to a different advertising company. All was not lost, as to our surprise they did end up saying “Thank you”, to their customers on the occasion of their anniversary, which was at least a small victory.


Client: Dhiraagu
Creative Agency: Mooinc. pvt. ltd.
Marketing Consultant: Ali Saeed
Design Consultants: Ahmed Saeed/ Zubin Saleem/ Shahee Ilyas



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