“Dhoonitha” Video

  • The song starts off with the sound of a flute, coincides visually with birds coming out of a chimney
  • As the song starts, the bird flies over Male', capital of Maldives
  • The birds flies off to the open sea
  • The birds eye view shows am man floating in the open sea
  • The camera zooms into the man through the bird, to reveal, he is singing the song
  • From underwater, you see the man from underneath, the song, becomes mute, as the bird lands on the man
  • You see the man close up on face, singing the song
  • The bird pecks on the man, and slowly starts taking chunks off his face and torso
  • The camera zooms out while the man continues to sing, and the water parts to reveal a sandbank
  • He looks back and see a mass of red crabs coming toward him
  • He looks up and see flock of birds hovering above him, ready to devour him
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“Dhoonitha”, (Birds), is a song off the album, “Furolhu”¬† by Kushehnooney, a Maldivian Music Band. The album came out around 2003/2004, recorded in a small room, by 5 close friends, who had played together in different guises. It was their penultimate, album comprising of songs developed within a range of a decade or so prior to its release. More about the band and their songs can be viewed here http://kushehnooney.com

During the initial launch period, they wanted to develop a video of one of the singles off the album. The decision to choose Dhoonitha was Albow Arifs idea, one of the lead singers of the band, and an animator himself. We discussed some ideas and decided to take the lyrics of the song quiet literally, and use a technique that Allo had experimented previously, tracing each frame from video footage and combining it with illustrations and animatronics. Actually we didn’t know how it was going to work out, or if we had the capacity to finish what we intended to start. We (including myself, Karo: http://dhivehing.blogspot.com/ & Allo) did some experimentations, even developed an animatronic bird, using metal wires, and elastic bands. Unfortunately those files were misplaced, and the only evidence of the process was the storyboard illustrated by Allo. Hopefully one day we would be able to finish what we started.

Client: Kushehnooney

Creative Agency: Mooinc. pvt. ltd.

Design Consultants: Ali Saeed, Ablo Arif, Karo Abbas

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