“Feel Good” Sunglass Retailer Branding

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The scope of the project was initially to develop a Video ad, for a newly establish Sunglasses retailer named “Feel Good”. With our advice they agreed to work on developing a brand identity for “Feel Good”, in order that it would give us some idea of how to conceive the video ad, as well as, make it relevant to the target audience. Although it was not in our initial scope, we felt it was an opportunity to innovate and do something subversive and new.  Also we didn’t quiet feel that the young people that the sunglasses retailer wanted to target with the Video ad, could relate to a brand called “Feel Good”, without giving it more depth and meaning. Something of interest, a story which goes beyond the ordinary meaning behind, “Feel good” as well as perception of young people as indifferent to problems within society and are more concerned about superficial matters. Young people are very cynical, especially of such generic claims, to “feel good . The timing was also very significant, as it was during a very turbulent time in the Maldives, when it was going through democratic reform, and young people were very actively involved in rebelling against the establishment.

What we wanted was to incorporate the physical and psychological attributes of the product, which in this case was Sunglasses, with the psychological needs and attitudes of the target youth group, to come up with the brand idea & personality. We also wanted to make the advertising & marketing very obvious of itself & its power to manipulate, in order that it could be relate-able and relevant to a more cynical market group such as the youth market for fashion related products.


Client: Islanders Pvt. ltd.
Creative Agency: Mooinc. pvt. ltd.
Marketing Consultant: Ali Saeed
Design Consultants: Ahmed Saeed/ Zubin Saleem/ Shahee Ilyas

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