Lintel Idea Galaxy

  • The creative concept developed taking into consideration Lintels vision, and brand ideology
  • We wanted to show how the business and economic landscape has changed, from the assembly line structure, or production led to consumer and worker empowered structure
  • The offices signify an extension of the school and vice versa
  • the school signify the extension of the working environment; specialization, and division of labour within the context of maximising profit, through eocnomies of scale.
  • Today the work environment has changed, the consumer and producer is not as clearly differentiated.
  • Through time the human governing structure has changed, from an aristocratic, centralized rule.
  • Industrialization came with it the birth of the middle class, and the welfare state
  • Cold war, enable a singular, polarization of ideology to dictate the global politics, which then collapsed with the fall of the Berlin wall
  • Social Network and internet has allowed the perfect eocnomy, perfect democracy, enabling the fragmentation of conventional businesses, and the birth of the democratic movement in Arab countries, dictatorships.
  • Economic crash was symbolic of the progression that economies of scale and centralised authority of the corporate world or the polical world has collapsed.
  • The company has grown and matured, making a significant mark on the business landscape of Maldives
  • human evolution is a macrosm of 9 months inside mother womb.
  • That man makes extensions of himself
  • roads are extension of our natural environment and our human biology
  • Progressive thinking was also explored, mainly the idea of fractal, and macro and microcosms, which was first explored by Leonardo
  • the storyboard for the video, starts of with the birth of our galaxy & our earth, planet and the human, and how humans extends his/her ideas as a new galaxy.
  • The Idea universe created by man, is the extension of the Television ad, where, people can view every single human idea which has been listed in wikepedia, and how they are connected to each other (via links), as constellations.
  • Browise through the galaxy of idea throughout human history, extracted from
  • chose an idea, and view how each idea is linked or interrelated to each other
  • login and place your own idea in the galaxy
  • Share your ideas on social media
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Lintel corporation approached us to work on a concept to promote their company’s vision, and corporate identity, “Truly Lintel”, in the form of a television advertisement. After having numerous discussions with the company executive team, we decided the advertisement should be predominately visual, and unlike other conventional company corporate video, break new grounds, and be cinematic and out of the box. Lintel Corporation has throughout its life, innovated and changed the Maldivian business landscape. They had pioneered many facets of how to do business in Maldives, to enable the introduction of more sustainable business model, which acknowledges, local knowledge and expertise, and social responsibility.

We wanted the advertisement to showcase that Lintel understands, how business landscape has evolved globally, and are willing to embrace & take full advantage of these changes to take them and the community they serve forward. We also wanted the video to signify the progressive nature of advertising, and marketing itself, whereby we proposed to create opportunities to extend the video to other mediums, to increase its longevity and reach.

The video advertisement would start from the beginning of the universe, Big Bang, the formation of the stars, galaxies, the evolution from single cell bacteria to mankind, ending at the point where we as humans are able to hoist our self up and look up into the sea of stars and gain the ability to ask ourselves the fundamental question of life, i.e “where did we come from, & what does this all mean”. The video was going to be cinematic and we proposed it to be shown mainly in cinema, internet and made available on CDs in Lintel retail outlets. The video was going to be an introduction to the website which will be developed as part of the campaign, featuring the “idea galaxy”. The website was going to feature all the important ideas, philosophies & movements retrieved from wikipedia, within a 3 dimensional space, imitating the physical galaxy of stars in space. Instead of stars in our universe each point depicts an idea, philosophy or movement, and by scrolling on the idea, a constellation is formed by how each idea is linked and are interrelated to other ideas.

Demo of idea galaxy for proposal

In a way the website will become a fun way to navigate and browse through human progression, and thoughts throughout our existence.  We also wanted the campaign to be participatory and involve the public, as well as enable progression of ideas featured further, hence we proposed that the public could “login”, if they want and “place their own ideas” into the galaxy. These new proposed ideas will be linked by other viewers, and the idea which gets the most comments, likes and shares on the social media, will be  awarded by Lintel, through funds for further development. Thus the website and the campaign will as a wholeenable Lintel corporate identity to be promoted in a more pragmatic and continual manner, which would actually have a realistic and positive affect on society as a whole.


Client: Lintel Investments pvt. ltd.
Creative Agency: Mooinc. pvt. ltd.
Marketing Consultant: Ali Saeed
Design Consultants: Ahmed Hisham Saeed, Zubin Saleem, Shaheee Ilyas


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