Maldives Art School – An Idea

  • How different art disciples are fused and intergated, bluring the conventional lines previously drawn, which hinders collaboration
  • An integrated model, which allows specialist components to thrive through resource sharing and collaboration with bigger firms
  • How big corporate firms hinders specialization and thus innovation.
  • Maldivian Art school create sembiotic relationship between commercial design based firms and design academia, to create social and economic benefit
  • different structural components that would exist at management level of the school
  • the relationship between different strategic business units and the academic unit.
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Maldives Art School, was envisaged during the time I was studying for my Fine Art Degree, as part of a career development seminar, around 1998. But it was only after finishing off my postgraduate studies, that I was able to put my ideas in to paper. The core idea, of the Art school, was tested earlier, when few Maldivian students studying in the UK, came up with a way to create a situation to enable school leavers to explore different fields of art, by collaborating with established specialist and experts renowned their specific fields. The workshop was known as “Maravalhi ’98. Although this was only a 7 day workshop, the interest shown by the school leavers, and feedback from the public, meant that there was need as well as potential for continuation of such a process, in a more sustainable manner. The fact that the government at time, perceived the whole workshop as a threat, meant it was all the more important & urgent.

But it was only when I contemplated working in the Maldives, I found the need to enable a structure which could sustain such a process, of fusing research and inquiry required in providing clients business solutions at a commercially viable level, with the ability to utilize a dynamic and willing workforce of talent that could be sourced at an academic level. A mutually beneficial alliance, which was economically viable as well as socially rational, & significant.

Download Working Proposal Developed/ 2003

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