Milking It – promoting mooinc. 2004

While going through some old files, I came across some design work we did during the early years of mooinc. pvt. ltd., around 2004 to be precise, to promote ourselves in a way that would make us distinctive, holds people attention, and put across  a sense of humor. From what i can remember the idea behind it was to play in to peoples inclination to associate mooinc, visually as a “cow”, as well as  to have a story or a narrative, which is surreal and visually attractive and relatable, to us at least. The following are some files i able to recover.



A 3d cow was initially sourced and, and the “udder” was redesign with 4 teats, to resemble a lego brick 2 X 2. The image was then traced using illustrator, in order that the cow shape will be in the form of a wire frame.

landscape-01  milkcartonlandscape-01THASHIBARI-01

The lego brick, a modular component, signifies how we help to build, create, and etc. We also wanted to give the brick a flesh like organic feel, hence the pink color.

The idea was use these imagery to develop a website for mooinc., which in the end unfortunately didn’t quiet work out. We weren’t fully aware of the technicality of creating the website before we started designing the visual aspects, hence practically the design was rejected.


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