Rakaavethibeyyaa Dhivehiraaje: Identity Development

  • How the logo was envisaged, and criterias utilized to develop the visual symbol for the campaign
  • How the logo was generated and what the symbol signify and represent
  • The full logo for the Rakkaa campaign
  • Logo can be used to show impact, vulnerability or exposure to hazards, enabling
  • Logo can be used to show impact, vulnerability or exposure to hazards, enabling comparison and analysis
  • Logo can be used as an educative and awareness tool.
  • How the tagline/ slogan can be used in different context
  • The visual symbol that can be used at different ecologically specific regional elvel
  • Logo/slogan variation at atoll level
  • The dimensional of the logo
  • The logo/ slogan variation at island level
  • Provincial or adminstrative level variation
  • The model used to develop the slogan, by utilizing a familiar phrase in a modern context, which has significance to the campaign objective
  • The "harubas" or the Proverb. used in the campaign identity, and the context it was utilized.
  • The "Harubas" or Proverb, that inspired the slogan for the campaign
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The initial idea for the development of the campaign identity was that it had to encompass all the Communication criteria set out in the Communication plan, which includes; firstly, that all materials have to be educative, secondly, that it has to be regionally specific, thirdly, it has to be durable and sustainable, and fourth and lastly that it has to be interactive and enable collaboration.

What we wanted was not just a visually distinctive identity, but a useful tool which can enhance and help the message reach the target audience in a relevant and effective manner. In order to this, we utilized the data consolidated during the initial research stage of the project, in regards to the all the island communities, and used it to generate a DNA of the Maldives. An image was created which visually represented the geographical typology of the Maldives, which can be applied on an island level, regional level and national level as and when required.


Client: UNDP Maldives, & National Disaster Management Center (Maldives)

Creative Agency: Mooinc. pvt. ltd.

Marketing Consultant: Ali Saeed

Visualizations:  Shaheee Ilyas

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