Resort Branding for VA pvt. ltd.

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VA pvt. ltd. is a well established business based in the Maldives, who has a diverse portfolio of products and strategic business units, which includes hotels, and consumable products. This particular project was awarded to mooinc. pvt. ltd., to develop a distinctive brand identity and competitive positioning for two new resorts which they were developing, located in the Northern most Atoll of Maldives. Both island were very different geographically, with very different proposed architectural design concept.

Our idea was to explore and get to the core of why people travel, and perceptions of space created through history of exploration and colonization, in literature and arts. This research was used to develop a brand identity which enables both resorts to have distinctive relationship between each other, as well as enable both to acquire its own unique selling proposition. Both brands are extensions of each other, and enables between them to cater for both existing markets, as well as access new developing markets.

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Client: VA Pvt. Ltd.

Creative Agency: Mooinc. pvt. ltd.

Marketing Consultant: Ali Saeed

Design Consultants: Ahmed Saeed/ Zubin Saleem/ Mohamed Ishan Saeed

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