VB Brothers Repositioning Strategy

  • The product life cycle of the company, and how the product portfolio has evolved through the company's life
  • Diagram showing the significant perception and knowledge created by the company based on its history of doing business in the Maldives
  • Significant salient beliefs evoked by the company brand through its history
  • Company salient beliefs acquired by the company through its life cycle, and how it has evolved.
  • The evolution of the brand, utilizing its history and acquired knowledge and perception
  • Model developed to utilize attributes and values acquired through company's history in the development of the new brand positioning.
  • Researching the product portfolio of the company
  • Example of how the product could be advertised using the new brand positioning.
  • How different products can utilize customer's memory to advertise different product catergories
  • How Nostalgia and history of the product can be utilized to advertise the brand image of the company
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Mooinc. pvt. ltd., was initially asked by VB Brothers (Vaaly Brothers) to revitalize their brand identity to enable the brand to have a level of consistency and versatility in usage in a more modern communication context. They were one of the pioneers of wholesale importers and distributors in the Maldives, with a long and established heritage. The business was established by two brothers in 1970s, and very recently the business was handed over to their children. The young blood now wanted to reposition the brand to make it fresh, and more relevant to the modern customer base.

initially we did extensive research to identity potential target groups and current competitive landscape, which was then used to develop a narrative for a brand that could created which would be relevant to the identified group and distinctively unique and identifiable and competitive.


Client: VB Brothers pvt. ltd.
Creative Agency: Mooinc. pvt. ltd.
Marketing Consultant: Ali Saeed
Design Consultants:  Zubin Saleem,

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