Fushifaru Resort – Visual Identity Design

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The Island The Island of Fushifaru is located near the renowned dive spot, known as Fushivaru Thila and Fushivaru Giri. The island is in Lhavyani Atoll right at the eastern edge, in the middle of a 500m wide channel separating the inner reef from the outer Indian Ocean. The main feature  around Fushifaru island is the cleaner wrasser stations peppered all around the reef, meaning large schools of fish, and manta rays congregate near the area during particular time. The rapid current that stream through the channel accentuates the brilliant soft corals, making this particular area, vibrant in colour and in diverse marine life, also an environmentally protected area. Brand The […]

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Couno Group – Corporate identity development


  About Couno group, established in 2015, provides specialist design and build services to the construction industry, including M & E, Plumbing, Fire, and IT. They brings together expertise from specialist services related fields, to provide client a more holistic and cost effective solution. They have worked on varied commercial buildings, resorts, and private residences. Concept The idea was to create a visual symbol and name which signify the core idea behind the company which is about providing a more holistic service to construction industry by bringing together diverse field of expertise under one roof. The identity had to symbolise visually and literally the idea of integration and  connection, Visual Concept The […]

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Aaaveee – creating an island mythology


    This project was developed in collaboration with Emmenge, in particular, “Emmenge Vaahaka” as part of their storymaking workshop, “Suva” at Aaaveee, Dhaal Atoll, Dhoores Island. Emmenge Vaahaka is a unique initiative, whereby group of artists work individually and collaboratively within a fixed period to create, and document stories related to specific space or situation. The objective of this particular project was to spend 7 days in the newly developed Island of Aaaveee, to document and create stories related to the Island, in order that these stories identify a unique selling proposition which can be used to differentiate the island, and enable the island to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. My particular […]

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The Great Divide


  While internet provides a level playing field, and the impression we are all “global citizens”, the reality has been far from equal nor global. Internet creates the illusion that space and time is irrelevant, and affords us the luxury to view ourselves from a wider perspective, to think of ourselves as a singular species, liberated from categories such as nationalities, race and gender. At the same time, in reality, border laws are getting more draconian, inequality in wealth and ideological beliefs are widening. The internet creates the appearance of walls breaking, allowing connections, interrelation, but reality has continued to work against this, and tell us otherwise. There has been […]

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National child maltreatment and abuse prevention campaign

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  This was one of the most complex behavioral change communication campaign plans that I have ever designed. Also one of the most eye opening experiences, in regards to actually seeing evidence of how much the imposition of universal values and standards can negatively impact the indigenous social fabric and the confidence of a nation to rear its own children. There were huge number of institutions involved in child abuse prevention, be it formal or informal, awareness or prevention, public or private. All were working with the best of intentions but very much in isolation from each other using preventive measures from their individual perspective of what they deem was […]

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Let me tell you whats up.

What if the most valued product/service in the world became something you didn’t use or had foreseen any use for yourself. That’s the first thought that came to my mind, when I heard that Facebook had bought Whatsapp, a cross platform instant messaging service*(thats how Wikipedia described it), for a whopping $19 billion. The fact that I didn’t use this particular “Mobile App”, made me question my own importance and relevance as a contributor to the world economy. I thought that I must have passed my sell by date as a potential target, or revenue creator for the corporations, and my need to exist was surely in question. My insecurity […]

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Madness is in the Process: Visualizing the “Greatest Story Every Told”

  This is a presentation of some of the drawings I made, and visual materials which were used as research and inspiration, during the process of writing the last blog titled “Greatest Story Ever told“,  posted on the 6th February 2014. I found that thinking the idea through visually helped me to get a grasp of how I could best construct a narrative which would be coherent to the reader. I started to envisage the idea for the blog entry, very early on, and initially the 3 stages/Acts, that the article was divided in to came to me visually, but these visuals continually changed within the process of writing the […]

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

Too busy gazing at our navel to notice, Armageddon This is my attempt to form a narrative and make sense of everything. I will do this in 3 parts. I believe everything can be categorized in to 3, no less because, the concept of time requires us to acknowledge that there is a beginning, a middle and an end, and the fact that our own physical sense of existence within the abstraction of time, is defined by the confines of our own mortality, which follows 3 distinctive stages, birth, life and death. My claim here is that, humanity has approached the 3rd and last act, i.e., “death”. It’s not as […]

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The Shifting Scale of Economics.

… and the evolution of the “Maldivian Dream” We have been led to believe that economic success has always been dictated by the scale of the population you are able to reach. This is applicable at every level, from individual to companies to countries. Within an individual level, trading your surplus produce, with your neighbors, was what shaped the conventional economic models that our livelihood is based on, built around the idea of specialization and division of labor. The individual evolved from subsistence livelihood, and formed companies or corporations, extending the scale of production, and with it, the need to reach further geographically, hence the beginning of what we now […]

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